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We strive to produce the best possible Golden and Labrador Retriever. We want the puppies we breed to be able to excel at shows, field, and home. In addition, we are specifically concerned of the health of the dogs we breed. This is why we only breed dogs that have their OFA clearances and we are very selective in our breeding. We work extremely hard to make sure all our puppies are healthy and will live long happy lives. However, my dogs are family members first and breeding dogs second.

The puppies have their first vet visit at about 3 days old and will have their dewclaws removed. I typically start weaning the puppies at about 4 weeks. First, we feed them puppy formula and then to my puppy mush formula. At about 6 weeks they can eat dry food. Also, at 6 weeks they receive their second vet visit, 1st shots and dewormed. Every litter is different however, at 7 weeks most litters can go home. Also, every puppy is handled and socialized daily by people, children, and other animals.

We groom, play with, handle, and test these puppies daily. We really get to know these puppies. That is why we are careful with perspective families. Anyone that is interested in one of my puppies will be ask to fill out a puppy questionnaire. We want to insure that every puppy goes to a home where they will be cared for, loved, and will have happy lives.

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